One day the art encountered ceramics was born Lonely Art Ceramics and not only...

About us

It was born in the Valle Metelliana, a few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, renowned for its scenic beauty and above all for its precious ceramic works. Lonely Art Ceramica di Mignone Giustina deals with the production and distribution of ceramic products.

All our products are hand painted with materials suitable for containing food - 100% Made in Italy

Our products

Lonely Art Ceramica di Mignone Giustina realizes two different lines of products, Linea Ceramica Artistica, line Paintings and Panels, Paintings and provides the service of packaging and personalization of wedding favors and the articles it produces. At the request of the client, decorations and paintings on glass are made.

The main styles used are those typical of the ceramics of Vietri with its colors and decorations that come to life in the landscape of the Amalfi Coast with its lemons and the sea
and of the tradition Faentina with its Ornamental plates produced in different shapes, with painted border, in the center they see represented faces of characters historical or pretty ladies; but also various animals, like the rabbit, symbol of fecundity, or the rooster, teaches of the Manfredes, or stars and geometric flowers in bright colors, Raffaellesche
pieces decorated with renaissance motifs composed of foliage, fruits, flowers and fantastic animals that frame a central image of great pictorial commitment. In the centers are usually represented pastoral scenes, caravaggio-like compositions of flowers and fruits, or portraits of characters.

Artistic Ceramics

The Artistic Ceramics line contains all objects enameled and decorated by hand on majolica, objects as lighting components (chandeliers, hangers, lanterns, etc.), various objects for the home (ashtrays, photo frames, vases of various sizes, amphoras, umbrella stands, serving dishes, terrines, jars, pizza dishes, etc.), gifts for wedding favors (baptisms, communions, weddings, etc.) events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas holidays, Easter

Panels and coatings

The line Paintings and Panels contains majolica, terracotta panels, lava stone in various sizes and shapes on which we realize any decoration and subject, landscape that the customer wants, paintings of faces, landscapes, still life and the traditional Vieste and Faenza decorations. We also make coatings, riggiole, shelves for built-in kitchens, worktops, bathroom linings with different decorations or settings, religious motifs, landscapes, views, ecc.

Decorations on glass - paintings

PTo give a touch of originality during an event such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, festivities they are realized on customer request, decorations on glass for shop windows, glass blocks, mirrors and all the materials that lend themselves to the decoration.
We execute paintings in different shapes with customizable subjects.
All our creations are made freehand.

The enamelling

The enamelling, which takes place by immersion, covers the object giving the object a white layer that will then serve as a base for decoration. After freehand we design the decoration to be made.


The mixes of colors are handmade, inspired by the typical colors of Vietri ceramics: the ancient blue, the yellow of the sun and the lemons of the Amalfi Coast,the Vietri type yellow, the green ramina, the manganese.The colors used are all water based and suitable for food use.

Mignone Giustina

Mignone Giustina at work in the decoration on enamel. Performed exclusively by freehand drawing and subsequent manual drafting with color brushes.


International academy of art and culture "alfonso grassi" prize 'raffaello' pictorial art

Third edition of the painting competition “alfonso grassi” 3° classified special prize graphic section M°. Giustina Mignone
Salerno 07-06-2007

He delivers a painting made on a reflective plate to the face of Cardinal Angelo Comastri, vicar of the Pope.

Dedication of my grandmother Clara

Dear Giustina,
I follow you as a child,
you have hands and a heart of gold,
and finally today you show all your masterpieces
you have sacrificed the most beautiful days of your youth,
now you can demonstrate your skill,
and without help from anyone,
you made yourself for a dream that seemed far and impossible,
do not be afraid,
that at your side there is your support rod where you stand with confidence, your father,
your future will be full of surprises,
that will amaze you and your sacrifices,
will be gratified,
with intense joy Auguroni endless grandmother Clara.

Chi ti ioriche, nun te schuccia`,
e chi tavante nun te ra` niente, miette o iurizie,
mo e` o mumente ringrazia o core,
a tutta sta gente,
chi te vo bene e chi te vo male,
stringece a mane e impara a campa`

29/4/2012 - Grandmother Clara